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Happily ever after begins with "I do", but before you ride off into the sunset, you will need to show your guests a good time for taking the time to show up and support your union. The problem is... how do you do this? How do you show your guests a good time without being too cliché?

Get more info on lawn games

One of the trendiest forms of wedding entertainment today are lawn games. More and more brides are forgoing formal dinners and cocktail hours to have a good old fashioned fun with friends and family. From horseshoes to croquet, here are 4 of the most popular lawn games for wedding day festivities.


A timeless classic, horseshoes don't require much skill and they are fun for all ages. So whether you have a grown-up only soiree or have invited little ones to the event, everyone will have a good time playing horseshoes on the green.


If you are a fun and quirky couple, putt-putt might just be the lawn game for your "I do" day. Set up courses that tell the story of how you met or go for something totally off the wall and surprise your guests with a themed putt-putt course. Whatever you do, just make sure that it speaks to who you are as a couple.


While it used to be child's play, today more and more brides and grooms are bringing bouncy houses in to their reception areas. These whimsical activities also make for great photo ops to add to your wedding album.


More and more couples are welcoming super slides to their wedding day... and a lot of them are using super slides to enter their reception. It makes a great first impression as Mr. and Mrs... and who else can say that they had a super slide at their wedding day? Eight year old you would have thanked you.

Lawn games are a great way to end the perfect "I do" day and your special day should be one that captures your personalities to a tee. The best thing about lawn games is that they are usually inexpensive, require little effort and are a welcome change from the ordinary. Your guests will be talking about your reception for years to come... and so will you. Just think, some day you just might be able to tell your great grand kids that you and their grandfather once bounced in a bouncy house the day you were wed.